All policies are written through Robert Falk, our principle broker, or one of our affiliated licensed agents. Below is a list of relevant insurance licenses for Robert Falk. Licenses are regulated and issued at the state level, for any verification, please contact the appropriate state governing body.

NPN12679245National Producer Number
FFMverifyFederally Facilitated Marketplace (
AK3000814109Health, Life
AL3000684754Health, Life
AR12679245Health, Life
AZ12679245Health, Life
CA0L64499Health, Life
CO637292Health, Life
DC3001326456Health, Life
DE3000462799Health, Life
FLW524586Property, Casualty, Health, Life
GA3230307Health, Life
IA12679245Health, Life
ID706443Health, Life
IL12679245Health, Life
IN3380652Health, Life
KS12679245Health, Life
KYDOI-1078135Health, Life
LA833497Health, Life
MA2151674Health, Life
MD3000400555Health, Life
MEPRN351050Health, Life
MI12679245Health, Life
MO8455320Health, Life
MS10670312Health, Life
MT3000822900Health, Life
NC12679245Health, Life
ND12679245Health, Life
NE12679245Health, Life
NM12679245Health, Life
NV3477887Health, Life
NYLA-1593510Health, Life
OH1211944Health, Life
OK3000658750Health, Life
OR12679245Property, Casualty, Health, Life
PA871584Health, Life
RI3001326377Health, Life
SC12679245Health, Life
SD40597088Health, Life
TN2468459Health, Life
TX2342437Health, Life
UT769923Health, Life
VA1095814Health, Life
VT3675610Health, Life
WA737774Health, Life
WI12679245Health, Life
WV12679245Health, Life
WY466524Health, Life