Accidental Injury Insurance

Accidental injury insurance policies are a great, low-cost, way of financially protecting you and your family. An accidental injury is one of the most common cause of larger medical bills. Even if you have good health insurance, your out-of-pocket costs like your deductible and max-out-of-pocket, can be thousands of dollars that you are responsible for. An accident plan protects you financially by helping to pay those out of pocket costs, think of it as a deductible protection or max-out-of-pocket protection plan.

Accidental Insurance Saves You Money

When you include a small accidental injury insurance plan in your overall health insurance package, you are replicating a higher level of coverage, but at a lower price. When you have the financial protection of an accident plan, you can feel more comfortable going with a lower cost medical policy that has higher out of pocket costs. It’s important that this is setup for you correctly, it’s already recommended that you work with a health insurance broker, at no additional cost, that can shop multiple companies to get you the best price and best coverage.