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The Best Health Insurance For You

Getting the best health insurance for you isn’t as simple as it should be. That’s were we come in. Every health plan is different, just like every person is different and health needs are different. What is best for one person, might not be the best for another. You might define the best plan as having the highest level of coverage, while the best plan for your friend might be the lowest priced health insurance plan.

Health insurance is an incredibly complex and important part of our lives, not just to stay health, but also to protect us financially if/when something unexpected happens. Price, coverage, doctors, health history, referrals, networks, location, prescriptions, and income; are all potential factors in the decision to choose the best health insurance plan for you. We help you make sense of it all and get you setup with the right plan, with the coverages you want, at the lowest price possible.


Marketplace health insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions along with other essential benefits. You might qualify a lower price for these plans based on your income.

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Private health insurance policies meet ACA requirements for essential medical benefits, offer more flexible networks, and are often available at more competitive prices.

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Short Term

Short term medical insurance plans are available for 1 to 36 months, offer large national PPO networks and they are usually a lower price based off of your health.

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Dental insurance plans help you stay on top of your normal routine dental care and help cover the costs of certain dental procedures.

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Accidental injury policies are a great way to financially protect you and your family from the out-of-pocket costs on your main medical plan.

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Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance policies financially protect you and your family from the unfortunate financial burden that comes with a major illness.

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Fixed Indemnity

Fixed indemnity insurance plans can pay you directly for expenses that medical insurance doesn’t usually cover.

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Medicare plans help fill the gaps in coverages that basic Medicare from the government leaves behind.

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Life insurance protects your family financially to maintain a standard of living after an unfortunate death.

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