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Critical Illness

Learn more about critical illness insurance plans.

Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions Health Insurance

Do you need health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions? Luckily, under the Affordable Care Act law, there are plans available that will provide health coverage for pre-existing conditions on the first day, without any waiting periods.

Marketplace Health Insurance

We are certified marketplace agents for the government’s health insurance marketplace. We offer free health insurance assistance with quoting and enrollment, answering all of your questions along the way.

Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical Insurance

Short term medical insurance plans are available for 1 to 36 months at a time. Yes, even though they are called “short term”, they can actually go longer than most other health insurance plans.

Fixed Indemnity Limited Medical Insurance

Fixed Indemnity Limited Medical

Fixed indemnity limited medical insurance plans are a popular lower-cost alternative to a traditionally structed policies. These reimbursement style plans can be used as a stand-alone medical plan or be used as a supplement to another policy.

Health Insurance For Specific Cases

Health Insurance for Pregnancy

Getting health insurance that covers pregnancy and various services related to maternity care can help protect you financially and limit your out of pocket costs, as well as ensure that you and your baby get the care you need.

Health Insurance for Mental Health

Having health insurance that covers mental health and related prescriptions can help you live your best life. Make sure you are living to your full potential by getting the care and help that we all deserve.

Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have pre-existing health conditions, it’s important that you have the right health insurance policy that will cover those conditions. Make sure you have access to the care you need by getting a health plan that covers pre-existing conditions.

Health Insurance for Preventative Care

Annual preventative care is vital to our long term health and can easily be accomplished with a health plan that covers preventative care. Small issues can be addressed and taken care of before they are a bigger problem.

Catastrophic Health Insurance

Not everyone needs or wants to pay for a high-cost comprehensive medical plan. A catastrophic health insurance policy can provide you with financial protection against larger unforeseen medical bills and keep your monthly cost low.

Free Health Insurance

You might qualify for free health insurance (or very low cost) with a marketplace plan if your household income falls within certain guidelines. We can help explore these options for you at no additional charge.

Health Insurance For Those Who Buy Their Own Insurance

Health Insurance for Everyone

Everyone is a VIP to us. Regardless of your social status, you are important to us and we would love to have you as a client. Get the same service, privacy, and health insurance options that our more well-known clients love.

Health Insurance for Self Employed

Most of our clients are self employed in some way or work for a small business. Being self employed has many benefits but it can be challenging to find the best affordable health insurance coverage. We help you with that.

Health Insurance for Pro Athletes

Professional athletes need health insurance just like anyone else, but often have unique hurdles to finding the best coverage for their situation. Here at VIP Health Insurance, we have experience working with pro athletes in various sports from all over the country.

Health Insurance for Celebrities

Health insurance is a very personal part of our lives. Privacy is important to all of us, especially to those that are in the public eye. We have experience and are familiar working directly with celebrities; or their agents, managers, bankers, etc.

Health Insurance for High Net Worth

Overall risk management is often top-of-mind for higher net worth individuals and there many other unique factors that go into a coverage decision based on your financial status. We have the experience to coach you on the best health insurance for you and your family.

Health Insurance for Low Income

Every client is important to us, regardless of your bank account. There are programs available that decrease the price of health insurance for households that qualify based on income. People are often surprised at what they can qualify for. It’s based on income, not assets.

VIP Health Insurance Family

Why Choose VIP Health Insurance?

Here at VIP Health Insurance we understand that everyone has a unique situation. What is important for one person, might not be important to another. We take the time to get to know your situation, so you get the best health insurance for you and your family.